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I make my knives from the design concept to the meticulously hand rubbed finish. Each knife is individually handcrafted, signed and numbered; and will have a Certificate of Authenticity. My knives come equipped with a handmade leather sheath. By using various steel and handle material, every knife takes on its own unique character. Starting with steel bar stock I shape each blade using files, grinders, etc.; removing excess material from a piece of steel until the steel has the blade shape I desire. I make my own beads, washers and thumb studs. Every knife has its own unique set of handles. The handle material used is shaped and sanded to a handcrafted fit. All file work done is by a steady hand, one tiny cut at a time, using a wide variety of my own self made files and jeweler’s tools. In some knives an inlay will be in the file work and/or the thumb stud. The leather lanyard is loop-laced and will have beads made from the same material as the handle. Folding knives have heat colored screws and the titanium liners are jeweled and anodized.


Blade materials used are Stainless Damascus, 154CPM and ATS-34. They have been selected for the ability to hold a sharp cutting edge. These steels require double tempering after heat treatment to reach the full optimal performance of the steel. I send my knife blades to Paul Bos for heat treatment. Primary handle materials I use are giraffe bone, cow bone, elephant ivory, fossil mammoth ivory, fossil walrus ivory, burl ironwood, exotic stabilized woods and pearls such as mother of pearl, black lip pearl and gold lip pearl. I try to use handle material that requires very little maintenance.


My knives are guaranteed for my working life time, against flaws in the craftsmanship. Natural handle materials cannot be guaranteed from shrinking or cracking (ivory, bone, etc). Liner Locks may require an adjustment to maintain the proper working condition. If you wish, you may return the knife to me and I will make these adjustments, at no charge to you (except for postage). Disassembling, abusing or tampering with the knife will void the warranty and a fee will be charged to repair the knife.


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